Dave Halloran

David A. Halloran, CFA®

Director of Portfolio Strategies
Investment Committee
Asset Allocation Committee

David Halloran joined the Firm in 2009 when Greenwood Capital acquired Table Rock Asset Management, LLC. Mr. Halloran serves as Director of Portfolio Strategies, managing the Diversification Allocation Models and the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Model strategies. As such, Mr. Halloran also serves as the Chair of Asset Allocation Committee.

Mr. Halloran has 31 years of investment experience. Prior to founding Table Rock Asset Management, LLC, he also served as the Chief Investment Officer for INVESCO Capital Management in Atlanta, GA and Austin, Calvert & Flavin of San Antonio, TX. Mr. Halloran is a graduate of Princeton University with a B.A. in Economics and of Marymount University, where he earned his M.B.A. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder.