The Marriage of Global Investment Strategy & Individual Portfolio Needs

In an increasingly complex financial world, we strive to keep things simple and to maintain the proper perspective. If you think about financial markets as a maze, we believe it’s much easier to see the solution from overhead rather than down on the ground. Because of that, we view the world from a top-down perspective, assessing the big picture, before drilling down to the still important details.

The GCA Investments team evaluates a variety of metrics including domestic and international economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy as well as relative value and opportunity across financial markets. We look for broad trends and themes in the marketplace that we can implement across our investment strategies. Once identified, we utilize leading technology and resources to develop investment strategies designed to achieve a variety of individual client needs.

As a GCA Wealth client, you then enjoy the benefit of a dedicated Private Client Advisor developing and monitoring your tailored investment portfolio aligned with your specific financial and investment needs. The personal financial goals of each client are key in developing a customized strategy that uses the resources of the GCA Investments team and, if appropriate, our strategies.

Each GCA Wealth Private Client Advisor has the abundant resources of GCA Investments at their fingertips to aid in guiding each client into the future. With nationally recognized expertise and a full range of products and services right here in the Upstate of South Carolina, the team at GCA Wealth can work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your financial goals.


*Prior to 2001, the term firm refers to Greenwood Capital Associates, Inc. (GCAI) which was established in 1983. On or about June 29, 2001, Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC acquired substantially all the assets of GCAI, a sub-chapter S corporation. Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC registration dates back from 2001.