As an independent registered investment adviser, we are able to offer just that – independence – to our Trust clients. GCA Wealth enables each Trustee to bring together those professionals it deems in the best interest of the Trust to provide a holistic solution via separate but interrelated professionals. Each professional—the custodian, the broker, and the GCA Wealth Private Client Advisor — is able to function with a single fiduciary responsibility – always do what is in the best interest of the client.

Our independence also enables us to work with a variety of custodians, brokers and other professionals, as selected by the Trustee. This results in an unparalleled and unbiased transparency ensuring no doubts in the management of the Trust. With other providers you may find predilection towards established business providers.

Whether you are managing a newly established Trust or a seasoned Trust arrangement, you will benefit in working with an investment professional with the expertise to guide you in either developing an Investment Policy Statement or reviewing your existing one. With an investment mandate in place, we are able to monitor, report, and adjust adherence to your governing statement. As partners, we will work together to maintain investment strategies tailored to the goals of the Trust.