Proactive & Holistic Financial Management
We strive to create a realistic, customized financial investment plan for you while continuing to monitor and adjust your plan as your circumstances evolve. As an independent registered investment adviser we are not tied to any investment product or bank, so we can create a plan that is right for you based on your personal, professional and family needs and desires.

Greenwood Capital has the expertise of Wall Street with the benefit of our team being right here in South Carolina. This affords you direct access to professionals with unparalleled expertise that is proudly rooted in Upstate SC. With a Private Client Advisor dedicated to your relationship, you enjoy direct access to an experienced professional managing and reviewing your investment portfolio.

Discipline & Continuity
Personal Wealth With our dedicated teams you have the benefit of a disciplined client portfolio review tailored to each client managed by GCA Wealth, and a disciplined investment process for strategy and allocation development, evaluation and implementation with GCA Investments. We begin the process very simply by getting to know you and your goals. Whether you desire to build wealth, preserve wealth or to systematically distribute your wealth, we then work with you to develop an optimal allocation strategy. After implementing your investment strategy, we monitor results and adjust accordingly. This applied discipline ensures a holistic approach to your financial picture, consistent monitoring and communication with you. With our team approach you may also take comfort in knowing there is continuity in managing your overall relationship.